Q&A with the Speaker: Columbia Fireflies VP of Marketing and PR

We sat down with Abby Naas and asked her five questions about her experience as the Columbia Fireflies Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations:

  1. What was your role prior to joining the Columbia Fireflies as VP of Marketing and PR? 

    Before joining the Fireflies as the VP of Marketing and Public Relations, I was the Director of Promotions and Community Relations with the Fort Wayne TinCaps in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I was with the TinCaps for six years before moving to warmer climates. The Fireflies and TinCaps are both owned by Hardball Capital so the move was internal and happily kept me in the same organization.

  2. What do you consider the most important marketing achievement for the Columbia Fireflies to date? 

    I would say that the most important marketing achievement for the Fireflies to this point would be the branding and name announcement in August 2015. That was a big day for the team, staff and community. The team has been a long time coming for Columbia, so it was great to finally put a name to Columbia Professional Baseball.

  3. What is the biggest marketing challenge you have faced as the VP of Marketing and PR for the Columbia Fireflies? 

    The biggest marketing challenge thus far would be determining what will work and will not for our team. The Columbia sports community has been run by the Gamecocks for over ten years, so we have been trying to pave our own way and find our own niche in the community. It has been a fun thing to discover, but it is also still a developing work in progress.

  4. What are some of the best marketing tactics you have found to work for the Columbia Fireflies? 

    Some of the best marketing tactics for the Columbia Fireflies have been digital marketing.  We go after a wide range of folks, and through digital there is a wide range of people that can be reached through creative means. Social media has also been a great resource for us!

  5. How do you like Columbia? 

    Columbia has been an outstanding place to live! I have been here for a while now and I love every part of it!

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