Member Spotlight: Get to Know Sarah Putlock

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Sarah Putlock

Director of Admissions and Marketing

The Protocol School of Washington




  1. Where did you go to school? Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Received a BSBA in Marketing.
  2. What is your professional background and current position? I am the admissions and marketing director for The Protocol School of Washington. September marks my 10 year anniversary with the school.  Prior to PSOW, I held marketing and event planning positions with an engineering firm, a community college and the North Carolina CPA association.
  3. What do you consider the most important achievement of your marketing career?  I’m a quality driven; goal setting; deadline oriented individual. These have always made me good at whatever job I’ve ever held. However, I consider my most important achievement as being able to look beyond and understand the big picture. To ask: “What’s in the best interest for the school, students and our team (staff and facilitators)?” This mindset has helped me grow (personally and professionally) beyond marketing.   
  4. What new marketing trend excites you the most for the future? It is not necessarily new, but aligning technology with marketing and sales.  We just now made the decision to sign on with Salesforce Enterprise Edition with Pardot and Engage. I am so excited to have this tool to integrate our many technology platforms and introduce marketing automation to our team to build relationships and educate prospective students!
  5. What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your marketing career? Trying to accomplish great things with a very minimal budget and a small team.
  6. What resources do you use to stay current on marketing best practices? (i.e. blogs, newsletters, websites, conferences, books, podcasts, etc.) I read a lot of blogs.  The AMA marketing news, AMA Marketing Insights, and COO (Content Marketing Strategy for Executives) magazines are always part of my library. I attend at least one professional development conference a year (last year it was the AMA in Austin – great conference). I follow marketing pros (and companies that I respect) on LinkedIn, facebook and twitter (like @GuyKawaski).
  7. Why did you join AMA? I initially joined AMA to get a discount on a bootcamp training session. 
  8. What would you tell others about AMA Columbia based on your experiences? Attend the meetings. I’m not able to attend as much I like because of other commitments, but when I do, I get energized being around other like-minded professionals!
  9. What inspires you? Music. Live music in particular. On the job, being around others who are psyched about a new endeavor or project and wanting to do whatever it takes to make it happen!
  10. What is your favorite quote or saying? “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” – Dr. Seuss and “There is not a template for life!”

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