Marketing careers of tomorrow and the launch of our Marketer Mentor Program: October 2015


As changes in technology accelerate, the marketing industry continues to transform the speed, relevance and reach of campaigns. What may have been a best practice several years ago, could now be outdated.

AMA Columbia will be will discussing how marketing careers and hiring practices are evolving at their October 2015 event with Pedro Gonzalez, Director of Employer Relations at the Moore School of Business, and Jeff Rehling, Marketing Professor at the Moore School of Business and Founder of AMA Columbia. October’s meeting will be followed by the official launch of AMA Columbia’s Marketer Mentor Program.

To help prepare AMA Columbia for his presentation, Pedro Gonzalez answered a few questions about the future of careers in marketing.

What can marketers do to help future-proof their job skills to remain competitive?
Stay relevant with new technology that enhances or disrupts your profession or industry. The reality is that we are all affected by technology that challenges us to think differently and work differently. Look at what social media has done to how companies manage their public relations!

What career building resources, in your opinion, provide the most return on investment?
I think perfecting the soft skills over the continuum of your career is vital. In your early years, tangible skills are good at getting those first couple of jobs. But as you master the skills and the job itself, the return on investment should focus on critical thinking, verbal communications and decision making. These competencies are what get you noticed and tapped for advancement over time in any career.

With changing views on the value of long-term job placement, how can someone prove their worth without having a five or ten year career with one company?
Be adaptable to the changing business priorities that stretch your abilities to do your job. Sometimes that means doing more with less. Sometimes that means getting things done despite the ambiguity of those business priorities. But more importantly, find an industry you have a passion for and grow professionally in that industry regardless if it is vertical, horizontal or diagonal. If you love technology then become any kind of marketing professional for companies in that industry.

With the launch of AMA Columbia’s Marketer Mentor Program, how often do you suggest mentors and mentees meet?
Email once a month and meet in person every three months for lunch.

If you could have one thing differently early in your career, what would it be?
I would have tried harder at building my professional network sooner. The more people you know who are out doing interesting work, it inspires you to be the best you can.

To hear more about the future of your career in marketing, join AMA Columbia on Tuesday, October 20 at SOCO (at 823 Gervais St #220, Columbia, SC 29201 above Jason’s Deli) after work! CLICK HERE to register early and don’t forget to arrive at 5:30 p.m. for networking. The meeting will start at 6 p.m. and will be followed by the official launch of AMA Columbia’s Marketer Mentor Program.

The Marketer Mentor Program matches AMA Professional Members with aspiring student marketers from the Univeristy of South Carolina’s AMA Collegiate Chapter. Mentors will provide career counsel and coaching to mentees regularly throughout the year. Volunteer as a Mentor here.


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